Safeguarding Policy

Mental Health Europe is committed to create a safe and secure environment for anyone involved in activities implemented by and on behalf of Mental Health Europe and, particularly children, young people and vulnerable adults.

To simplify reading we will sometimes refer to them as beneficiaries throughout this document.

Our Safeguarding Vision Statement is:

Mental Health Europe is committed to keeping the beneficiaries we serve safe and free from harm, particularly those who are most vulnerable: children, young people and adults-at-risk.

This means ensuring the protection of their physical and mental integrity, wellbeing, and health regardless of ability, ethnic origin, religion or belief system, gender identity, sex, or sexual orientation, having zero tolerance for any form of harm, discrimination, inequality, neglect, exclusion or abuse.

Given Mental Health Europe’s field of work, Mental Health Europe pays specific attention to safeguarding those experiencing mental health problems or psychosocial disabilities.

Our Safeguarding Objectives are:

  • To safeguard the people we serve, by preventing risks of harm and responding to incidents with appropriate measures.
  • To educate all actors working on behalf of Mental Health Europe by setting clear guidelines about how they are expected to behave and how to act in case of concerns regarding safety.
  • To preserve the credibility of Mental Health Europe by clarifying its commitment, practices and standards to keeping people free from harm.


You can download Mental Health Europe’s full safeguarding policy here: Mental Health Europe Organisational Safeguarding Policy


Incident Reporting Form

This form should be employed by anyone:

  • Who has directly experienced harm by an Mental Health Europe representative
  • Who has directly witnessed or has heard something that raises concerns about someone’s safety and wellbeing; more specifically, any beneficiary of Mental Health Europe’s activities and, in particular children, young people and adults at risk.
  • Representing Mental Health Europe or working on behalf of / with Mental Health Europe should take care of recording a safeguarding concern using this form.

You can complete this form online here anonymously.

For guidelines on how to fill this form in and for other ways to report incidents (including providing your contact details), please see the whole policy via the link provided above.

By providing as many details as possible, we will be able to act more promptly and efficiently on the incident reported. All personal information will be treated according to the provisions of GDPR. Please see our Privacy Policy here.


    Details of person affected by harm (optional)

    Details of alleged perpetrator of harm

    Details of the incident

    Action/s taken in relation to the incident

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