Our funding

As the largest independent European network organisation advancing a human rights, community-based, recovery-oriented and psychosocial approach to mental health and well-being for all, MHE requires funds to carry out its mission.

In today’s world, the biomedical framework continues to dominate the mental health landscape and heavily shapes the perceptions around mental health. The lack of transparency and self-governance within the interactions involving the health industry, medical professionals, healthcare institutions, and patient advocacy groups has led to an excessive medicalisation of mental health issues. This trajectory is highlighted by a concerning reliance on pharmaceutical interventions as the primary recourse for addressing mental health challenges.

MHE takes a different path. We safeguard our credibility and independence by refusing funding in any form from healthcare-related industries and from sectors that exert adverse effects on mental well-being.

MHE prioritises ethical choices based on our core values also in its financing.

  • Dignity and Human Rights

    Promoting the inherent dignity, uniqueness, and right to self-determination of all persons
  • Person-centredness, Independence & Autonomy

    Promoting the inherent dignity, uniqueness, and right to self-determination of all persons
  • Solidarity

    Fostering a culture of equality, inclusion and social justice
  • Innovation

    Pioneering new paths and narratives in advancing mental health and well-being
  • Independence

    Operating free from undue commercial influence from health-related industries and from political or religious beliefs
  • Co-creation

    Experts by experience, their supporters, service providers and other actors working together on an equal basis and valuing the essential knowledge each contribute
  • Collaboration

    Working constructively with MHE members and all stakeholders, including experts by experience and their supporters, policy- and decision-makers, service providers, researchers.

Our transparency policy

Mental Health Europe adopts a transparent policy regarding its relations with donors. The Annual Reports reflect our funding including one-off donations received from all corporate donors.


Mental Health Europe – Santé Mentale Europe is officially registered on the EU Transparency Register (245350514009-47), a comprehensive database that catalogues organisations active in the legislative and policy implementation process of the European Union institutions.

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