Our vision is one of a Europe where everyone's mental health and wellbeing flourish across their life course.

Your donation will help bring about the changes that are needed to achieve this vision. For corporate donations, contact Liuska Sanna: l.sanna(at)


The changes we want to see

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  • Better services for everyone

    Person centred, quality, equitable recovery for all
  • Respect of human rights in mental health-related policies and practices

    Human rights violations impact the lives of people with psychosocial disabilities.
  • Mental health in all policies

    Policies in all areas can impact mental health.
  • Co-creation in mental health

    All actors work together in developing and implementing policies, services, programmes & communication in accordance with the psychosocial model.
  • Reduced mental health stigma and discrimination

    Mental health is spoken about at all levels in positive and empowering ways.

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We do not accept donations from

  • Pharmaceutical and related types of industries
  • Companies and entities that contribute to or are otherwise complicit in human rights abuses
  • Companies and entities that tolerate forced or compulsory labour or the use of child labour
  • Tobacco or alcohol companies
  • Businesses related to gambling
  • Arms manufacturers/distributors
  • Persons or entities whose operations or public statements might undermine MHE’s reputation
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