Migration and Mental Health

Migration is an integral part of inclusive societies. People on the move can face mental health difficulties at multiple times, be it disturbing experiences in the country of origin such as war and forced displacement, along migratory routes such as the crossing of the Mediterranean Sea, and during challenging reception conditions with long periods of legal limbo.

For these reasons, Mental Health Europe and its members are increasingly engaged in addressing mental health concerns within migration policies, taking sides for migrants with psychosocial disabilities and mental health conditions. MHE also aims to establish forms of dialogue between its members working in the field of migration and mental health, to enable knowledge-sharing, common reflection and formulation of suggestions to improve mental health services.


In 2023 Mental Health Europe produced a study to facilitate for the specific and intersectional needs of people in vulnerable situations to be met through a psychosocial approach to mental health.

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The Study is also available in several languages;

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