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Mental Health & The European Elections 2024


The 2024 EU Elections come at a strategic moment for Mental Health in Europe.

Over the last five years, we have seen increasing attention being given to mental health by individuals, communities and governments – and the EU. Mental Health Europe and our members are engaging in the 2024 EU Elections to ensure that the progress made so far transforms into a long term commitment, and that the next EU mandate delivers a Europe were positive mental health and well-being is prioritised across the life course, and where the human rights are respected.


Our Manifesto

As the leading, independent European network organisation working on mental health and human rights, Mental Health Europe contributes to a Europe where everyone’s mental health and well-being flourishes.

With this manifesto, we call on the EU to keep the spotlight on mental health, and ensure that the political commitment to mental health is translated into concrete actions. We call for a long term commitment to create a Europe which prioritises mental health and well-being.

Mental Health Europe’s manifesto focuses on five key priority areas for the next EU mandate:

  • A human rights-based approach to mental health
  • The psychosocial model to mental health
  • Accessible, high-quality, recovery-oriented mental health services in the community
  • Co-creation with experts by experience, their supporters, service providers and other actors
  • Mental health-related stigma and discrimination

This manifesto outlines our main priorities and recommendations for the next mandate of the European Union.

Read the Full Manifesto Read the short version of the Manifesto


Sign the Manifesto

Are you running in the 2024 Elections? You can support the work of Mental Health Europe to ensure that Mental Health remains high on the EU agenda by signing our manifesto. Mental health should be considered as an opportunity for a healthier Europe: mental health friendly policies make healthier societies with positive outcomes both in health and in non-health policy areas. As a candidate you have the power to contribute to this.

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Engaging Europe

To ensure maximum engagement with all national and international stakeholders in this election, Mental Health Europe provides it’s members with guidelines and workshops on engagement and advocacy during an election cycle.

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Mental health Europe’s Glossary

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