Promising Practices

Supported Decision Making & Ending Coercion

This map aims to give an overview of promising initiatives across Europe that work towards ending coercive measures in mental health as well as practices of supported decision-making.

All practices can be found in Mental Health Europe’s reports on ending coercion from 2019 (available HERE) and supported decision-making from 2020 (available HERE). It also includes recent examples from the WHO Good Practice Guidance on Community Mental Health Services (2021) available HERE.

Description & legend

Promising practices are defined widely to include both local initiatives as well as regional, national or European-wide policies. Green focuses on ending coercion, red addresses legal capacity & supported decision-making.

 Local initiative (sometimes with regional impact)
 Law (normally on a national level)

Legal capacity & supported decision-making

  Local initiative (sometimes with regional impact)
  Law (normally on a national level)

This map should be interactive and updated regularly. Should you wish to add an initiative, please reach out to:

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