18 July 2022

“COVID-19 and mental health: taking the lessons learned forward” – Call for input

Mental Health Europe – in collaboration with the European Commission- is planning a webinar on “How to take forward the lessons learned from Covid-19”, in the framework of the “Covid-19 Mental Health Support” Stakeholders Network on the DG SANTE Health Policy Platform.


The webinar will take place on 21st September 2022.


The objective of this webinar is to share knowledge and experiences related to concrete actions carried out to address the lessons we have learned from the COVID-19 pandemic, in relation to mental health. The Webinar will also provide an opportunity to reflect on whether these actions are being sustained, embedded in changes in practices or in policies and supported through adequate funding.


We will focus on three main lessons:

  1. The importance to live and work in an environment that is positive for mental health
  2. The importance to put in place tailored actions to address mental health needs of potentially vulnerable groups
  3. The importance of strengthening mental health services (via innovation in service provision or scaling up of services or increased funds allocations) to address the mismatch between the offer of services and mental health needs.


We are keen to receive your input, on whether and how the specific lesson has been taken forward (i.e., how you have successfully tackled the problem) and – if not- what the hurdles have been and what is needed to make progress.




If you have got experience in relation to one of the above lessons, please contact MHE Policy Officer Francesca Centola at francesca.cantola@mentalhealtheurope.org


For further information, please visit the event page.


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