10 May 2021

Instagram Live | A conversation with Karin Schulz from Mind | 10 May 2021

To kick off the European Mental Health Week, join Mental Health Europe for an Instagram Live with Karin Schulz from Mind.

To open the European Mental Health Week we want to answer the question: how do you start talking about mental health? It is not always an easy topic to talk about – whether you want to share your own feelings but stigma is preventing you from opening up or whether you want to support a loved one with their mental health but do not know how to approach them. So where do we start?


For this Instagram live Mental Health Europe (MHE) is joined by Karin Schulz, general secretary of Mind, a non-profit organisation and one of MHE’s Swedish members to talk about:

  • How to start a conversation about mental health
  • How to support someone with mental ill-health
  • Neere, Sweden’s first virtual youth mental health influencer

During our conversation, we talked about the power of ‘warm talk’ in interpersonal communication and how you can help others open up about their feelings.


Watch the session on replay here.

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