16 May 2021

Instagram Live | A conversation with Michael and Calvin | 14 May 2021

Join Mental Health Europe for a chat with Michael and Calvin, focusing on their experiences of mental health during Covid-19 pandemic, as part of the European Mental Health Week on 14 May at 13:30 CEST.

Covid-19 has created many changes to how we work, play and live in society. This impact has been particularly damaging for young people’s mental health as for many, the past year has meant staying at home, away from peers and learning through online technology.


For this Instagram live Mental Health Europe joined its member Mental Health Ireland for a conversation with Michael and Calvin.  Two postgraduate research students of Waterford Institute of Technology and Trinity College Dublin respectively. The session focused on their experiences, and they discussed how Covid-19 has impacted on their mental health, particularly due to the lack of peer contact. How they coped during this time and what is in store for them now that restrictions are easing.


Watch the session on replay here.

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