10 May 2022

MHE launches a ‘Short Guide for Young Adults on Mental Health’

Short Guide for Young Adults on Mental Health Featured Image

In the fifth instalment of Mental Health Europe’s (MHE) Short Guide Series, the ‘Short Guide for Young Adults on Mental Health’ aims to aid young adults take control of their mental health journey.

With a significant rise in instances of mental health issues as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more young adults will seek mental health support during their transitional period to adulthood. This can often be a daunting and difficult task to undertake. In Mental Health Europe’s (MHE) latest instalment of Short Guides we have compiled some advice how to navigate some of the complexities that one or a loved one might come across on this mental health journey.

Short Guide for Young Adults on Mental Health Featured Image

In this short guide we navigate readers through the mental health journey, including what mental health is, how and when problems might develop and what can be done to feel more in control of one’s own journey. Though this guide may not provide all the answers one is looking for, through advice and resources MHE hopes to start readers on the path toward better control over one’s mental health journey.


This guide is the fifth instalment of MHE’s series of short guides, all written with the aim to help people through various stages and issues in their mental health journey. Previous publications covered the topics of psychiatric diagnosis, personal recovery in mental health, psychiatric drugs and ending coercion and restraint in mental health services.

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