13 December 2019

MHE launches a new video on the UN CRPD and a psychosocial model of disability


Today, on the day of adopting the United Nations Conventions on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UN CRPD), MHE launches a new video which explains the UN CRPD from the psychosocial disability perspective.


The UN CRPD has brought significant change in the way we understand disability, including psychosocial disability. This ground-breaking document introduced a paradigm shift from the ‘medical’ to the ‘social’ model of disability. It became an important step in recognising persons with disabilities as individual rights-holders rather than objects in a paternalistic or charitable system.


Our new video sheds the light on the relevance of the UN CRPD for people with psychosocial disabilities. What does this change in models of disability mean in practice? And how can people with psychosocial disabilities can enjoy their human rights and freedoms in practice? Find out the answers from the video below:



The video belongs to MHE’s animated video series, in which we explain the UN CRPD in relation to the enforcement of rights of people with psychosocial disability. Following videos on Article 12, Article 27, Article 19 and Article 29  of the UNCRPD, we are proud to release this latest animated video, where instead of looking at a specific article if the Convention, we address the overall concept of paradigm shift, as required by the Convention.

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