2 November 2017

Mapping Exclusion

Mapping Exclusion

Mapping Exclusion is one of Mental Health Europe’s main pieces of work and consists of mapping institutional and community care in the mental health field in Europe. The first version of Mapping Exclusion was published in 2012.

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Mapping Exclusion


Thanks to the support of the Open Society Foundations and the European Commission MHE is currently undertaking a revision of the Mapping Exclusion project with the help of its partner the Tizard Centre at University of Kent which will be entitled ‘Mapping and Understanding Exclusion’.

This time around the project is going bigger, attempting to map mental health systems beyond institutional care but also to understand the exclusion created by poor mental health systems by gathering stories from people with lived experience of institutionalisation, forced placement and treatment, seclusion and restraint.

The 2012 Mapping Exclusion report the first European report of its kind. It consists of a comparative analysis of trends and policy changes in Europe, along with 32 country reports (all European Union Member States + Serbia, Bosnia, Moldova and Israel) covering issues that are crucial in the context of community care.  In the 2012 report you will be able to find data about institutional and community-based services, national mental health and deinstitutionalisation strategies, information on guardianship and involuntary admission policies.

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Mapping Exclusion


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