11 June 2024

Member led Thematic Webinar – Mobile Mental Health Units in Greece



Mobile Mental Health Units in Greece: mental health and resilience promotion in local communities in rural areas.

  • Approach and Methodology
  • Multidisciplinary Team
  • Community Involvement
  • User’s and Families’ Involvement

The webinar will be presented by the Society of Social Psychiatry P. Sakellaropoulos. They are a non-profit non-governmental scientific organisation founded in 1986 and provides high quality psychiatric and psychological support services, in order to support the population’s mental health and well-being. The Society has 242 employees. It operates the following services: 2 Mobile Mental Health Units; 1 new Mobile Mental Health Unit for children and adolescents which started to operate in 2024 in Region of Piraeus ; 6 Hostels and 23 protected apartments for the de- institutionalisation of individuals with severe psychosocial problems, their care outside the large psychiatric hospitals and their social integration; a Day Centre for the Psychological Support of individuals with Cancer; a Day Centre for the follow-up in the care of people with psychiatric problems who live in the community; a Day Centre for children, adolescents and adults with psychiatric problems who live in the community. The SSP P. Sakellaropoulos also implements: Community Sensitization Activities in order to raise public
awareness and knowledge regarding mental health; Educational Programmes for Mental Health Professionals; Human Rights Promotion, Advocacy; EU projects.


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