24 April 2019

Member Spotlight April 2019

Mind Netherlands in a few lines? 


MIND Netherlands wants to prevent and reduce mental health problems and support people who experience mental ill health. Together with them, we want to make a change. Mind believes mental health problems should be as normal as physical problems.


Mind provides advice and support through our website and helpline MIND Korrelatie. We create awareness through campaigns and we defend the interests of people living with mental health problems in the Netherlands. We represent people living with mental ill health and talk to politicians, policymakers and health insurances.

What are MIND main activities ?


  • We provide a wide range of information on our website to support people who are looking for information about mental health problems.


  • The professional staff of MIND Korrelatie helpline supports people who experience mental health problems and are looking for support and advice. They can reach us by telephone, chat, WhatsApp and email during the week.


  • We provide peer education in high schools to encourage youngsters to talk and open about mental health problems.


  • Every year, we organise several events to raise awareness of mental health problems and raise funds for our activities. Activities involve our MIND Blue Monday Run in January and Last Man Standing in June.


  • We talk to politicians, policymakers and other mental health professionals to defend the interests of people with (severe) mental health problems in The Netherlands.

What are your main priorities?


Our current themes are:

  • A (mentally) healthy youth
  • Mental health prevention
  • Proper, accessible mental health care for everyone who needs it
  • Participation
  • Innovation in mental health care

Where can we find out more?


You can visit our general website: www.wijzijnmind.nl

The website of our helpline: www.mindkorrelatie.nl

Our website about depression: www.mindblue.nl

Our advocacy website: www.mindplatform.nl

Our website for young people: www.mindyoung.nl.


You also can find us on social media:


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