7 December 2020

Member Spotlight December 2020

The Human Foundation in a few lines?


The Human Foundation is a small non-governmental organisation fighting for human rights threatened by exclusion and stigmatization in connection with psychiatric diagnosis.

What are your main activities?


Preventive, educational and awareness activities for mental health, seeking to reform the psychiatric system in Poland towards environmental care, promoting self-help activities, creating an online platform as an awareness tool for mental health, recovery, and psychological well-being. 

What are your main priorities?


The aim of the Foundation is: 

  1. to promote the idea of civil society.  
  2. to promote the development of a conscious society.  
  3. to shape and develop cultural, scientific and mental health awareness within the society.
  4. to inspire, stimulate and develop or disseminate innovative artistic, creative and educational attitudes. 
  5. to promote people who are particularly talented in various fields of art and science especially people with mental crises.  
  6. to indulge in the activity for the development of science, education, upbringing, health care, culture, art, in accordance with the objectives set by international organizations and the European Union, as well as activities supporting the development of local and other communities.  
  7. to promote a healthy lifestyle, nutrition, mental hygiene.  
  8. to initiate, develop and strengthen attitudes aimed at full participation of people with disabilities, the sick, the elderly and people at risk of social exclusion in society, starting from everyday life, through learning and professional and social activation, to access the scientific, cultural and artistic goods.  
  9. preventive activities in the field of mental health
  10. to act for the benefit of the disabled, the sick and retired, at risk of exclusion, the needy and their families.
  11. to counteract addictions and social pathologies. 
  12. to spread informational and educational activity, broadening in the society knowledge about social integration and reintegration, including the elderly, the disabled, the sick and people at risk of exclusion (especially mentally ill).  
  13. to disseminate the knowledge about causes of disability, the knowledge about diseases, especially those caused by civilization and social changes, to inform about possibilities and ways of their prevention.  
  14. to promote lifelong learning.  
  15. to enhance education, training, research and development, psychological and opinion-forming activities. To build independence, self-reliance and resourcefulness in life. 
  16. to advise and consult as an enactment of activity.  
  17. to support other charity initiatives related to the statutory objectives of the Foundation. 

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