20 February 2019

Member Spotlight February 2019

Død i Psykiatrien (DiP) in a few lines? 

Død i Psykiatrien (DiP) ’Dead in Psychiatric Care’ was founded in 2009 by a group of family and friends of young people who have died  in psychiatric care.


It is very important for people who have lost a dear friend or family member to be able to meet and talk to people who can listen and understand. Død i Psykiatrien (DiP) provides phone counselling, where people experiencing grief can call to share their feelings and difficulties.


The association aims to create a forum for them to share their experiences but also to formulate their requests for change to the psychiatric treatment modalities that led to the death of their loved ones. The association’s objective is also to improve the conditions of people in treatment today .


DiP’s work mostly focuses on groups of people receiving heavy treatment and medication. DiP wants to ensure these groups are not left behind by the system and wants to raise awareness about over medication and the side effects of psychotropics that can be very dangerous.  Many patients have developed illnesses because of the side effects of psychotropics drugs, which are also too often leading to death.

What are Død i Psykiatrien (DiP) main activities ?


Every year on  the 15th of July DiP holds a memorial session in front of a mental health hospital. The event is held in memory of beloved friends and family members who were lost in psychiatric care.


It is also a call to end deaths because of overmedication. The event has now become a tradition and participation is increasing, people are pleased to see that DiP focuses on such an important issue.

Leading professor and Psychiatrist from the mental health hospital joining the memorial  and ready to discuss with participants.


DiP organises other activities such as:

  • Happenings at cultural events (latest one organised with the norwegian filmmaker Anniken Hoels for the World Première of her film: Cause of Death: Unknown)

Picture taken at the World Première: At the end of the movie,  Anniken said: “Here with us tonight are relatives, who have lost beloved friends and family members”

What are your main priorities?



The Association’s aims are to:

  •  Raise awareness about the high mortality rates among people living with mental ill health and patients being treated with heavy medication
  •  Highlight the dangerous side-effects of such medications and raise awareness of recovery-oriented mental health therapies
  •  Advocate for changes in the law so that psychiatrists and doctors comply with existing guidelines regarding the prescription of psychoactive drugs, leading to safer treatment and better monitored side effects
  • Advocate for legislation that ensures that mental health practitioners are held fully responsible and accountable for any negligence
  • End the stigma surrounding mental health patients and their family, encourage open dialogue and ensure access to hospital chart notes and documentation
  •  Support family members who have initiated or are considering a malpractice lawsuit


Our everyday work : 

  • Advocacy work to influence legislation : open letters to national health authorities and politicians, participation in conferences
  • Dissemination of DiP messages about the potential danger of the side effects of medication, forced and hidden forced treatment

Where can we find out more?


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