24 June 2019

Member Spotlight June 2019

EDRA in a few lines?



The Social Cooperative Activities for Vulnerable Groups” (K.S.D.E.O. “EDRA”) is a non-profit organization, social cooperative, that has been active since 2001 in promoting mental health and protecting the rights of vulnerable groups.


EDRA provides mental health services and raises public awareness on matters concerning mental health. We support how children and families cope with learning difficulties, provide therapeutic interventions in the field of special education and mental disability, develop national and European initiatives for socially vulnerable groups, contribute to the harmonization of family and professional life, provide lifelong training programs for all population groups.

What are your main activities?


“EDRA” operates in the following sectors:

  1. Mental Health

We operate two Units of psycho-social rehabilitation (Boarding Houses) and two shelter houses of semi-autonomous accommodation within the framework of the de-institutionalization program «PSICHARGOS», financed, supervised and in cooperation with the Greek Ministry of Health.  Awareness activities: “EDRA” organizes the Art & Mental Health Festival «ART4MORE» on an annual basis to celebrate World Mental Health Day on the 10th October. We also organise an annual Sports Event for Mental Health with the participation of mental health users from boarding houses, day care centres and supported living apartments etc.

  1. Mental Disabilities

We operate the “Nefeli” Supported Living Residence (S.L.R.) for people with Down syndrome and moderate or severe intellectual disabilities co-occurring with signs of autism.

  1. Children and Families

We operate seven centres for children and adolescents with learning difficulties between 3 and 17 years of age all across Attica region.  We also operate a Creative Education Centre for children from 5 to 12 years old and the Centre of Early Attention – Preschool Level Education “Chrysalida” for children with various syndromes aged between 0 and 6 years old.

  1. Vulnerable Social Groups

The organisation runs Structures against Poverty, a European funded programme supervised by the Hellenic Republic Region of Attica, which operates a Social Grocery, a Social Pharmacy and a Soup Kitchen.

The organisation also implements the “Housing and Reintegration” project, a nationally funded Programme supervised by the Greek Ministry of Labour which secures housing for homeless people and helps them find a job.

  1. Education

We operate a certified Lifelong Education Centre offering Adult Education Programs for all population groups, supporting especially socially and economically vulnerable groups.

What are your main priorities?


One of our priorities is the psychosocial rehabilitation of people confronting mental ill health and intellectual disabilities in terms of independent living and recognition of their rights, also helping them to be respected by the rest of the community and being part of the community as equal members. This includes giving them the possibility to access the Labour Market because we believe that occupation among other therapeutical tools is a strong instrument for therapy and recovery.


Another significant priority is to fight against stigma for people who suffer from mental ill health. That’s the reason that we organize annual festivals (art4more which is an art festival for mental health), sports festivals for mental health and we also created two European networks: the NE.FE.LE for art and mental health and ENALMH (sports and mental health).

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