19 June 2020

Member Spotlight June 2020

Centre of Family Law in a few lines?


The Centre of Family Law (CDF) is the oldest research institute in Portugal devoted to family law. The CDF exists as a non-profit private association since October 1997. It was created, however, a few years earlier, thanks to the Scientific Council of the Faculty of Law, University of Coimbra, upon a Prof. Guilherme de Oliveira’s initiative.

What are your main activities?


The CDF is a scientific institution focusing on research in Family Law. To reach its goals, the CDF conducts research and promotes the publication of studies, organizes post-graduate and professional courses and scientific meetings, also improving the bibliographical resources of the Faculty of Law with regards to these areas.


Its main areas of interest are Minors and Family Law, understood broadly, including Civil Family Law and other research fields where Family is studied. Members of the Centre include lecturers from various fields as well as some distinguished professionals from the fields of Law, Health and Social Sciences.

What are your main priorities?


CDF’s researchers collaborate with other national organizations, such as the Portuguese Ministry of Justice and the Portuguese Ministry of Labour and Social Solidarity. Internationally, CDF maintains academic and scientific links with some European institutions, such as the Commission on European Family Law.


CDF was also involved in the creation of national legislation on such subjects as “apadrinhamento civil”, etc.

Where can we find out more?


Faculdade de Direito da Universidade de Coimbra. Pátio da Universidade, 3005 – 545, Coimbra, Portugal
Telephone: 239821043
Email: cdf@fd.uc.pt


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