15 September 2016

Member spotlight September 2016

Member spotlight: September 2016

pro mente austria in a few lines? 

pro mente Austria – the Austrian Federation for mental health – is an umbrella organisation representing 26 member organisations with approximately 3.250 employees. Each year,  member organisations supply care work and services for 80.000 people and their relatives suffering from mental health problems. Services include vocation training, supported employment, psychosocial consultation, prevention and care of addiction, daily structuring offers in employment and leisure time as well as a wide range of residential and living care. 

pro mente austria as an umbrella organisation supports by carrying national lobbying, trying to influence relevant laws at federal level, focusing on public relations, communication with journalists, politicians, and building working groups to exchange experiences and share knowledge.

pro mente Austria is advocating for the respect of human rights and the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD), the improvement of high quality services and standards with regard to medical, psychological, social and economic aspects as well as person-oriented care are further substantial aspects of our work.

pro mente austria is working for a more tolerant social climate for people experiencing mental health problems. Combating prejudices and discrimination against people with mental health problems is also one of pro mente austria’s main concern. 

pro mente austria is working on a new communication strategy and visual identity, including a new website which is now live at www.promenteaustria.at. pro mente austria is also in the process of developing strategic priorities which will be released later next year. 

Besides all these activities, pro mente austria also  support  member organisations to give them the possibility to exchange their experiences and coordinate common activities.

Where can we hear from you? 

Website: www.promenteaustria.at

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