15 June 2024

Mental Health Europe elects a new board

At the general assembly 2024, Mental Health Europe elected a new board including a new president, vice-president, and treasurer.

The outgoing board were warmly thanked by the membership and staff for their guidance over the last three years.

The composition of the new board is:

President: Andrej Vršansky from the League for Mental Health Slovakia

Vice president: Karilé Levickaité from Mental Health Perspectives, Lithuania

Treasurer: Jochen Van den Steen from Hand in Hand, Belgium

Ordinary members:

Lisa Cuthbert from Mental Health Ireland

Dominique de Marné from Mental Health Crowd GmbH, Germany

Maria Maunz- Ranacher from Pro Mente, Austria

Pino Pini from AISME, Italy

Sabien Raams from GGZ Nederland

Sanna Vesikansa from MIELI Mental Health Finland

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