13 October 2022

Mental Health Europe provides useful resources at REACT 2022

Mental Health Europe is delighted to attend the 2022 REACT Conference in Brussels on 14 October.
Mental health at the workplace is a major issue on the global stage. The WHO estimates that 12 billion workdays are lost every year due to depression and anxiety alone.  Combatting stigma, poor workplace practices and policies are crucial to addressing work performance, productivity and people’s well-being.
REACT Conference organisers informed MHE that a major issue and concern amongst workers in the Tech field is imposter syndrome.  To allow employees in tech to successfully overcome this experience and to effectively manage should it arise, MHE has prepared two digital brochures: 
  • In Theory: Imposter syndrome
  • Toolbox: Tips for getting rid of your imposter syndrome
The health of employees have always been skewed to the physical over the mental and it is important to take action to protect, support and promote mental health at work. 
At REACT 2022, Mental Health Europe also hopes to bring awareness to our work aiming to improve conditions inside and outside of work for better mental health.
Feel free to download the material prepared for REACT 2022 and use them personally and/or share on social media.

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