25 March 2024

Mental Health must remain a priority for the EU – a call to action.

A survey to help determine the EU’s priorities on health for 2024-2029 has been launched. It presents nine potential topics, but does not mention mental health.
This is a major oversight.

Mental Health Europe has responded to the survey stressing the need for mental health to be prioritised, and encourages its members and sister organisations to do the same.

Citizen demands for action are unlikely to decrease: 89% of Europeans think that mental health is as important as physical health, yet 54% of them say that their mental health needs are unmet. 62% of EU citizens think that recent world events (the COVID-19 pandemic, the Russian aggression against Ukraine, the climate crisis, unemployment, and the food and energy costs) affect their mental health. Mental Health should be an integral part of the future health plans of the EU.

The survey and further information about the debate, organised by the European Observatory on health systems and policies and the European Commission’s DG SANTE, is available at https://eurohealthobservatory.who.int/themes/observatory-programmes/governance/eu-and-health-priorities

Mental Health Europe’s responses can be downloaded here.

Download Mental Health Europe's responses





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