15 February 2021

Call for expression of interest: national empowerment seminars

Mental Health Europe (MHE) invites its members to express interest in hosting two national empowerment seminars. 

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About the seminars


Each year, MHE supports the organisation of Empowerment seminars for (ex)users of mental health services across Europe. The objective of these seminars is to bring together experts by experience to learn from each other and increase their participation and meaningful contribution in the decision-making processes of the EU. MHE’s National Empowerment Seminars are organised in content by and for persons with psychosocial disabilities/mental ill-health. Through workshops and discussions, participants get better equipped with skills and knowledge to promote the rights of people with mental ill-health and psychosocial disabilities. In previous years, the user empowerment seminars took place in Belgium, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Estonia, Romania, Poland and Bulgaria.

Practical information


The two national events should take place before the end of 2021. MHE will provide financial support to host a one-day event and will cover costs associated with the organisation of a seminar. MHE could also advise on the preparation of the event, including support for preparing an agenda and finding potential speakers.


We ask you to consider the following points when organising the national empowerment seminars:

  1. The event should be prepared for and by persons with lived experience of mental ill-health as it aims at empowerment.
  2. The budget provided by MHE should not exceed the agreed amount without prior permission. Possible additional costs would need to be carried by the organisers.
  3. All costs should be VAT included and supported by original receipts and invoices. These supporting documents need to be received by MHE at the latest 30 days after the seminar has taken place. Changes to expense categories can be made provided they are previously agreed with MHE.
  4. MHE should have the opportunity to see draft agenda.
  5. The logo of MHE as well as the one of the European Commission has to be visible on the agenda.
  6. Invitations should be sent to the main identified organisations of users in your country since the purpose will be to create connections also between different user groups.


If you or your organisation is interested in hosting the 2021 national empowerment seminar, please send your expression of interest via an email to Liuska Sanna, MHE’s Acting Director before 15 March 2021. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Liuska directly. 

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