17 April 2019

Participate in the WHO Quality Rights E-consultation


The World Health Organization QualityRights  initiative is working to improve access to quality mental health services globally and to promote the human rights of people with mental health problems and psychosocial disabilities.  As part of this initiative the WHO is developing a good practice guidance document which will present information on community-based mental health services that promote human rights and the recovery approach.



Can you help the WHO identify people-centered services that you are aware of, that operate without coercion, and that respond to people’s needs by promoting autonomy, inclusion in the community, and the involvement of people with lived experience at all levels of decision-making?  This should include services that support people experiencing acute crises but that do not resort to force, coercion, involuntary admission and treatment or the use of seclusion and restraints.



By completing the questionnaire in the link at the bottom of this post, you will have the opportunity to submit up to five mental health services that you believe should be considered as a good practice.  By participating, you can contribute to shaping the future of mental health services.

Before filling in the online questionnaire, you have the opportunity to read all the questions that will be asked HERE so you can prepare your answers if needed. 



Anybody who is involved in providing a service, has experience of using a service, or knows of a service is welcome to complete the questionnaire.


Please note that the WHO is not looking for services specifically focused on e-interventions, phone-based interventions, training programs, employment and housing programs, prevention programmes, or services focused on advocacy and/or system reform.


Thank you in advance for your contribution before the closing date for the online consultation on 30th June 2019.


You can access the consultation survey in other languages:


For responses IN SPANISH: Here

For responses IN FRENCH: Here

For responses IN PORTUGUESE: Here

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