MHE together with the European Public Health Alliance has worked on a project on migrant’s mental health ‘Mapping, Tracking and Advocating for Funds to Address Migrants’ Mental Health’.


The project was funded by the Open Society Foundations and involved two local partners: MHE’s Italian member L’Associazione Italiana per la Salute Mentale (AISMe) and the Greek civil society organization HumanRights360. 


The project sought to provide a clear picture of the size and uses of EU funds designated for migrants’ health, with a focus on mental health. It consisted of three objectives:

  1. Determining whether adequate EU funds are available for and spent by national organisations on appropriate activities and initiatives that will ensure better mental health of migrants in Europe.
  2. Exploring the impact of such funding at national level, more specifically in Italy and Greece, which serve as entry points for many migrants coming to Europe.
  3. Advocating for enough and appropriate funding to foster better mental health of migrants in the short and long term, and as a key element of enabling successful integration into their host countries.


Read the project report