18 December 2020

Overcoming social exclusion, child and family poverty amid the pandemic

The EU Alliance for Investing in Children, of which Mental Health Europe is a member, released a statement welcoming the joint declaration on overcoming child and family poverty and social exclusion by the Presidency Trio of Portugal, Slovenia and Germany.


On 11 December, the Presidency Trio published a Joint Declaration “Overcoming poverty and social exclusion – mitigating the impact of COVID-19 on families – working together to develop prospects for strong children”. The document is co-signed by the Ministers of the ESPCO Council and represents a crucial step forward in combating child poverty.


The EU Alliance for Investing in Children welcomes the commitment of the EPSCO Ministers, and the messages included in the Joint Declaration, which are fully aligned with the messages of the EU Alliance.


In particular, the Alliance is pleased about the acknowledgment of the dramatic impact the COVID-19 pandemic is having on children, the commitment expressed by Member States to urgently prioritise the fight against child poverty and the call for the European Commission to propose a comprehensive and holistic approach in tackling child poverty through the European Child Guarantee.

For more details, please contact Jonas Bull, Policy & Research Officer at Mental Health Europe.

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