1 September 2022

Twitter Spaces | Suicide Prevention Day 2022: Signs of Suicide

Suicide Prevention Day: Signs of Suicide. Thursday 8 September at 11 AM CEST

To mark Suicide Prevention Day 2022, Mental Health Europe will be hosting a Twitter Spaces event with Pieta House on Thursday 8 September at 11:00 AM CEST (10:00 AM GMT) to shed light on suicide prevention.  


Suicide Prevention Day: Signs of Suicide. Thursday 8 September at 11 AM CEST

This Twitter Spaces conversation will touch upon the key lessons of Pieta House’s Signs of Suicide campaign, which is a project aimed at sharing knowledge on how to recognise suicidal ideations and prevent their escalation into suicidal attempts.   


Sinead Raftery (Clinical Regional Manager at Pieta House) will explain how to spot signs of suicidal thoughts, how to communicate and/or recognise them, and how to find help. Furthermore, the conversation will touch upon common myths regarding suicide that often prevent people from asking for help or approaching a close one who shows possible signs of suicide.  


To join the conversation, please follow Mental Health Europe’s Twitter account and join us live at 11:00 AM CEST on Thursday 8 September  via this link on your smartphone.


When joining Twitter Spaces on your smartphone, you will be able to send reactions and ask questions during the talk.  Joining via your laptop will allow you to listen to the conversation but you will not be able to intervene or engage in any way.


To attend, make sure to mark this event on your calendar and set a reminder to join.


Listen to the Twitter Space recording here.





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