12 March 2019

The World Record Egg supports MHE as part of an art exhibition


A few weeks ago, Mental Health Europe (MHE) was telling you about this mysterious “World Record Egg” that went viral on social media worldwide. Earlier this year during the US Superbowl, the world found out that this famous picture of an egg, who turns out to be the most-liked Instagram picture ever, is actually a mental health advert. Eugene the Egg (yes, that’s its name) used its enormous visibility to talk about mental health to millions of people. How smart is this?


We are proud to announce that the Talking Egg, who recently launched global resource for useful links on mental health, decided to support us as part of an exhibition by a great contemporary artist called Ben-Elliot. The #influencers exhibition takes place in Paris (more info HERE). Alongside the photograph of Eugene (pictures below), there are a few of original Talking Egg t-shirts on display which will also be available to purchase online, with 100% of the profits going to MHE.

You can also purchase the tee-shirts here: https://everpress.com/worldrecordegg







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