29 November 2022

MHE Capacity Building Webinar  | 29 Nov

Supporting the Mental Health & Wellbeing of Young People in Formal Education: Sharing good practices in Europe


This Webinar is organised in cooperation with Irrsinnig Menschlich, Germany.



Various reports reveal that young people are among the groups most at risk of marginalisation and are impacted by socioeconomic determinants of health and well-being. Young people have been disproportionately impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and mental health problems among people aged between 15 and 24 have doubled in the past two years. Despite this worrisome scenario, too many children and young people are unfortunately not getting help early enough.


Although schools are dedicating time to teach children how to be physically healthy, basic mental health literacy is not available in most cases. Investing in mental health literacy and including mental health in the school curricula could be a first step towards ensuring adequate prevention of mental health problems as well as reduction of stigma, which in turn would facilitate children’s and young people’s access to support.

Promoting mental health in educational settings will entail gains not just from a health perspective but also from an educational one leading to improved educational attainment, reduction of schools drops-out, better opportunities for employment, etc.

At this event, we will be hearing about good practices in implementing mental health education activities in different formal education settings: primary and secondary schools, higher education (universities/colleges), and vocational training and education. We will highlight the benefits and discuss solutions for challenges in delivering this kind of programmes. The outcome of the day will inspire participants to learn from the experience of others, lay the basis for potential cooperation and gather recommendations that MHE will feed into the activities of the European Year of Education and Training 2023.

The event is organised in cooperation with the NGO Irrsinnig Menschlich (Madly Human) based in Germany. Since 2000, Irrsinnig Menschlich has been supporting young people with their prevention programmes for schools, universities and colleges, vocational schools, as well as companies. With workshops and school project days, Madly Human seeks to help young people to better understand mental health problems and to reduce the stigma, fears and prejudices whilst working towards boosting confidence, outlining coping strategies and fostering resilience.

Given the focus on sharing good practices, we seek to gather as many practices as possible. We invite you to share yours by sending a poster describing your activity/programme; two to three posters will be selected to be presented at the event. The posters that do not end up being showcased during the event will be uploaded on DG SANTE Health Policy Platform – in the library of the Thematic Network ‘Mental Health in all Policies’ – to make them available to a broader range of stakeholders.*

Please send your poster using this template to liuska.sanna@mentalhealtheurope.org by the 20th of November using this registration link.

Webinar registration: closed.

*The HPP Thematic Network ‘Mental Health in all Policies’ is led by Mental Health Europe and is open to stakeholders within and beyond the health sector, to share knowledge and provide policy recommendations on how to develop (or expand existing) mechanisms and approaches for integrated policies and actions to promote and protect mental health. 



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