8 July 2021

Instagram Takeover with Emil Rengle and Badiliko | 7 July 2021

Building on the success of the “Instagram Live conversations” series during the  European Mental Health Week, Mental Health Europe organised its first Instagram takeover with our member Badiliko and Romanian influencer and mental health advocate Emil Rengle to promote mental wellbeing tips online.

In times of pandemic and increasing uncertainty, staying mentally fit challenges every one of us. Threats to our mental wellbeing and the way we feel can come in many forms, depending on our individual context, personality and upbringing. We are all different and uniquely gifted people. But when it comes to techniques that can help on our journey to strengthen our own mental well-being, there are some proven steps that work for many.

Step 1: Self-awareness

‘Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom’ -Aristotle

The very first step always starts with yourself; becoming truly self-aware. The better you start knowing yourself, for example your positive or negative triggers, the more you start building your inner wisdom towards healing.

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Step 2: Resilience

‘Psychological resilience refers to the ability to withstand pressure.’ (David Fletcher and Mustafa Sarkar 2016).

As a positive psychologist, coach, researcher and person living the daily ups and downs of this life, Natalie shares facts, tips and techiques on different ways to build stronger personal resilience during her workshops. 

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Step 3: Helping others

‘Be the change you want to see in the world.’ – Gandhi 

Once you have built yourself wisdom and mastered some resilience techniques which help you cope better, the final step is about identifying how we can help others around us and be a role model for positive connection, meaning and trust. Research has shown that creating a greater sense of purpose and meaning to our lives (which goes beyond our basic needs like financial security, health etc). helps to decrease stress and improves our coping skills. The one single healing factor in mental well-being is giving and receiving support from and to others. In essence, kindness, compassion and love trigger you to feel better.

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Natalie Badaliko is founder and CEO of psychological & mental well-being practice Badiliko. It offers consulting, coaching & learning interventions globally (in form of virtual and face to face workshops, assessments and 1:1 or group coaching sessions) to reduce stress, enhance mental well-being, resilience, engagement & fulfillment in occupational settings and personal life.


Emil Rengle is a social media influencer, LGBTQ rights and mental health advocate from Romania.

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