14 June 2023

Join the Mental Health in all Policies Stakeholders Network

Back in 2022, the Mental Health in all Policies Thematic Network – led by Mental Health Europe and hosted on DG SANTE Health Policy Platform – embarked on a mission that has now reached its conclusion. However, this is far from the end of our efforts.

Through months of dedicated work, the thematic Network produced a powerful Joint Statement calling for “A Mental health in All Policies approach as key component of any comprehensive initiative on mental health”.  

The fruitful outcome of several months of work, this statement received resounding support with endorsements from 78 organisations and 25 individuals (including 9 MEPs). This overwhelming support is testament to the unwavering commitment of stakeholders from different sectors to work together united by a shared vision: a Europe where everybody’s mental health can flourish throughout their life course.  

Committed to transforming this vision into reality, we are determined to continue our work and sustain collaboration among stakeholders. Our goal is to foster knowledge and policy exchange on mental health (promotion, prevention and support) across Europe.  

To this end, the Mental Health in All Policies Thematic Network has evolved into a dynamic Stakeholders Network, now hosted on the Health Policy Platform.  

The Network is open to all interested stakeholders, regardless of their affiliation with the health sector, who meet the following criteria:  

  1. Agree with a broader understanding of mental health, focused on socio-economic and environmental determinants 
  2. Believe in a human rights approach to mental health  
  3. Do not represent industrial interests 

If you embrace the values indicated above and share an enthusiasm for policy and knowledge exchange on mental health with diverse stakeholders across Europe, we wholeheartedly invite you to join the Mental Health in all Policies Stakeholders Network.  You can request access and become part of this transformative journey here


Together, we can make a lasting impact on mental health for all.

Join the Mental Health in all Policies Stakeholders Network

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