24 September 2021

Member Spotlight September 2021 – Tokitus

Tokitus in a few lines?


In 2020, combining the knowledge from IT, business, and psychotherapy, we launched an innovative, customer-oriented online platform that would unite qualified and experienced therapists worldwide, providing mental health care and support for people around the world. Our therapists go through a careful recruitment process. This allows us to concentrate more on our services to ensure their high standard. Focus on quality, commitment to full transparency, and user safety is at the heart of what we do at Tokitus.


At Tokitus, we aim to normalize mental health and help you manage general emotional unrest, from daily overwhelm and grief to specific mental disorders. We use talk therapy to help you live a better life by engaging in discussion and looking for solutions, understanding, analyzing, and changing.

What are your main activities?


Tokitus offers a platform for individual and group therapy sessions, that are live-streamed with secure video technology to protect the confidentiality of our users. We offer therapy in more than fifteen languages and have a wide range of methods (psychoanalytical, cognitive-behavioural, gestalt, and many more).


We offer a tested and scientifically evaluated concept with basic material already available in English. Together with you, we would like to: implement our evidence-based programmes in your country, exchange experiences relating to the development, testing and expansion of low-threshold primary preventive interventions for promoting the mental health of young people and mount a powerful lobby for reducing the stigma attached to mental ill-health and fighting discrimination against people with mental health issues as well as promoting their inclusion.

What are your main priorities?


Our number one priority is to offer high-quality mental health care services for more clients all over the world, connect them with qualified professionals, and make therapy accessible and affordable. We aim to grow the communication and online communities (Reddit, Instagram, Facebook, etc.) by providing information on various mental health topics (from men’s mental health to relationships and mindful productivity), advocate for mental health and reduce stigma.

Where can we find out more?


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