6 July 2023

Mental Health Europe’s Manifesto for the 2024 European Elections

In view of the upcoming European elections in 2024, Mental Health Europe (MHE) adopted the following Manifesto with the aim of guiding the next mandate and agendas of the European Union (EU) bodies: from programmes of political groups and works in the European Parliament to the European Commission composition and their priorities, policies and initiatives for the 2024-2029 period.

As the leading, independent European network organisation working on mental health and human rights, MHE aims to contribute to a Europe where everyone’s mental health and wellbeing flourish across their life course.


Mental Health Europe’s manifesto focuses on five key priority areas representing the core work of MHE:

  1. A human rights-based approach to mental health
  2. The psychosocial model to mental health
  3. Accessible, high-quality, recovery-oriented mental health services in the community
  4. Co-creation with experts by experience, their supporters, service providers and other actors
  5. Mental health-related stigma and discrimination


This manifesto outlines our main priorities and recommendations for the next mandate of the European Union. With a focus on human rights, the psychosocial model, accessible services, co-creation, and combating stigma, our manifesto strives to create a Europe where mental health and wellbeing thrive for all.

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