24 April 2024

Guidelines for Co-Creation

Mental Health Europe’s co-creation approach consists of a comprehensive framework to support empowerment of diverse stakeholders – people with lived experience, practitioners, academics, non-governmental organisations, policy and decision-makers – providing insights, practical tools and good practices for effective engagement in mental health co-creation.

These Guidelines on Co-creation in Mental Health complement Mental Health Europe’s Toolkit: Co-creating in Mental Health, which provides core principles, a training methodology, and planning and evaluation tools. The Toolkit is available on our website. The Guidelines outline how co-creation can benefit various stakeholder groups and individuals; they offer testimonies from actors who engaged in the process of co-creation, as well as examples of good practices of co-creation in mental health in different settings.

The Guidelines were developed by Mental Health Europe’s Co-creation Task Force consisting of experts by experience, advocates, health and social care actors, educators and researchers who contributed to all aspects of the Guidelines’ development in the true spirit of co-creation. This is a living document that will be reviewed in the future to incorporate new insights, learnings and promising and good practices. Since co-creation is a dynamic approach, likewise guidance on co-creation has to evolve to reflect new evidence and ultimately remain responsive to needs.  We therefore encourage feedback from all stakeholders as well as contributions to testimonies and good practices.


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