21 September 2023

MHE & LSE release: Overview of research on the value for money of community mental health services

Mental Health Europe has long advocated for shifting the locus of mental health care from institutions to community-based services. 

While human rights are a primary reason to strengthen our mental health systems and provide care and support at the community level, economic considerations also play a role.

In a world where resources are finite, policymakers and budget holders in different sectors of the economy have to decide what issues to prioritise and how to best allocate resources between different competing priorities to improve societal outcomes. In order to do so, it is crucial for decisionmakers to be able to rely on evidence-based research, showing what is effective, what is cost effective and what is feasible, within different budgetary constraints. 

Given this backdrop, Mental Health Europe commissioned a study to assess the value for money from investing in mental health community-based services. The study is mainly addressed to policymakers, ministries and staff overseeing EU and national funds. In addition, it can be of relevance for every person interested in the economics of mental health care systems.  

The Review Summary and Technical Report will be published on this page shortly. If you would like to be notified when the research becomes available, please provide us with your contact detailshere.

If you are interested in the policy context and you want to have a layman overview of the implications of the research findings, you can read the Policy Brief. The Research poster can also be accessed below on this page.   

Policy Brief Research Poster

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